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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Interesting Fishing Day

Today is fishing today for me and RyanC...

Late morning we went to North Lake Park @ Loveland to catch rainbow trout again. Wife took the kids to ride the train there and left me alone for a little while to catch the first trout. The fish started biting more when they got back. It seems that the fish were biting more at 1pm. Caught 2 rainbow trouts and one baby catfish with worms.

Tidbits #1: The Renegade hook remover purchased at Walmart were no help with these small-fish! It was hard to see how the hook was grabbed and even tougher to figure out how to remove the hook. I struggled with the baby catfish for a long time before giving up and cutting the line.

Tidbits #2: 2nd rainbow trout was "technically" hooked by someone somewhere around the lake. I saw a bobber being dragged across the lake towards my line as we were about to leave. It crossed my line/bobber got stuck so I naturally reeled that in. It's quite unusual.

In the evening I took RyanC to Sheridan Lake (City Park) and caught one baby bluegill and one adult size bluegill. The adult bluegill was caught with a spinner lure -- the first time I've ever caught a fish with a spinner! Of course then I lost the spinner to the bottom of the lake a few casts later. I don't like the obstacles on the bottom of this lake.



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