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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AidanC's adventure in big bed

AidanC is ~1.5 now. He rarely woke up in the middle of the night so we have been blessed with the peaceful nights.

The other night he woke up crying hysterically. I took the poor little boy to our bedroom so he wouldn't wake up his brother next door. He was really happy to be with mommy and daddy. I left the light off hoping he will lie down and sleep since I was too tired to take him back to his room.

He then crawled toward mommy, found mommy's cheeks and gave mommy a big hug and kiss... "awww! nice boy" mommy said.

AidanC then started crawling toward me... I lay there expecting a hug and a kiss too - from the little boy.

Then I felt little chubby finger poking my cheeks a few times in the dark... and a little voice yelled "fat! fat!" as AidanC continued to poke my face with his finger...


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