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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit

Today is the release date of the Wii Fit game. I got to Target an hour after it opened (~9am) wondering if it's already sold out. There were several news about stores selling out all their pre-orders so my hope wasn't too high. I figured I can check out their LED flash lights or their limited fishing stuff if the game is sold out.

It turns out I was able have my pick from 6+ units on the shelf. Lucky me! The cashier asked me whether I got the last one and commented on how he had sold many Wii Fit earlier.

This evening RyanC was eagerly awaiting my return home from work. It's not because he loves daddy the most. It was more because mommy had been telling him that daddy got a new game for him. AidanC is the only one that seems truly happy to see daddy home. At least he didn't know to ask about new game as he ran towards me to give me a hug.

RyanC was happy and kept on mentioning how he is a strong boy to be able to open the Nintendo Wii Fit box as he helped with the unpacking. Inside the box we found a set of 4 AA batteries, a white-board, a game DVD, and 4 extension stands for thicker carpet.

The two boys immediately fought for position on top of the white-board. Fortunately AidanC's short attention span won out so we did not have to arbitrate too much.

We let RyanC use his Mii characte to play the game. The Wii Fit game correctly rated him as underweight and off-balanced as he stood on the white-board. However, when we entered his height at 3'2". RyanC protested heavily about the visual shrinkage of his Mii character. He kept on yelling "daddy! make me tall!" That little sensitive boy. tsk tsk...

RyanC spent some time doing yoga with mommy's help. He didn't seem to have too much fun standing on one leg for 30 seconds. He then tried the balance games and he kept on getting hit by the shoes in the mini soccer-game. Wife did better.

He had a little fun with down-hill skiing game but missed most of the gates. He also liked ski-jumping as he fails to jump and rolls himself into a snow-ball.

Finally, we found the game he had the most fun with: "Running". It turns out that this game just requires him to old the Wii controller and run in-place. He had a blast running in-place. That game didn't require the white-board. Hmm...

RyanC also played the stepping game where he has to step on/off the white-board per graphics. It was funny to watch him totally ignore the screen and started doing his step ups/downs. At the end the tired boy complained "Daddy, is it done yet?" as the music continues on... Shortly after that he lost interest as he couldn't find any other fun game.

Wii Fit calculated that RyanC spent 27 minutes getting fit. RyanC said he likes running game and soccer game. We then let him out in the backyard to run around with AidanC -- until those two collided, fell over and started crying.



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