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Saturday, August 11, 2007


I can stop normally again...

My 1996 Honda has been acting up recently with the brake system. The other day when I stopped at a red light, the car decided to move forward after a while despite brake pedal being firmly pushed to the floor. It had been a year since I encountered this brake pressure loss problem -- the last time the car did something like this, Brakes Plus couldn't figure out what was wrong since they couldn't reproduce it. The problem had gone away and then I had thought it was just a temporary issue... until it surfaced again recently. It seems to happen around the hottest days of the summer!

Fortunately the recurring issue did not result in anything other than scaring my lunch passengers. ;)

This morning we took the car in for repair at the local Honda dealer. Wife had scheduled appointment for Monday but we decided to take it in on Saturday morning to leave the car there anyways... Honda found time to identify and fix the problem by 4:30pm, 30 minutes before closing!

As some have suspected, Honda dealer confirmed the loss of brake pressure was caused by master cylinder leak. It costs ~$350 for the master cylinder replacement/labor.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tid Bits

I was looking at the Sunday's ads while RyanC was tearing up some ads with AidanC. I saw an ad for a tent and asked RyanC: "Do you want to go camping with daddy and Aidan?"

RyanC responded: "Yes! I want to go camping with daddy"

"...and Aidan."

then he paused, thinking really hard and then laughed...

"...and I want to go to fat camp too!"

The other day, I found a Hooters coupon in my wallet. It turns out that my considerate wife put it there in case I go there for lunch with my co-workers. Unfortunately, Hooters enthusiast isn't around so I doubt I'll get to use the coupon before its expiration on Monday.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007


It rained a little more than usual tonight. I think it's flooding outside. The booming thunders had added to the thrill of not being able to see clearly through the rain.

I have finally recovered from the CA trip. RyanC hads the most fun in CA. He got to go to fairy land and pixie land and discovery museum in addition to daily trips to the playgrounds. Thanks to his older cousin's good example, he is now peeing into toilet more regularly though he is still far from being potty-trained. Wife hasn't been feeling well and AidanC's teething is causing extra difficulties.

Last evening when we went shopping and waited outside Safeway in the car, RyanC was telling me how I cannot fit in the shopping cart seats because I was too big. It all started when I asked him if he wanted to sit in a shopping cart at our next destination and whether I could sit with him.

All of the sudden RyanC looked outside of the window, pointed at these two heavy-set shoppers and said:
"daddy. that people cannot fit in their car. They are too big."

I rolled up the window...

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